Le Balze is an olive tree farm and an olive tree can be yours.

If you like, it is possible to enhance your passion and appreciation for olive oil by adopting on of our oldest olive trees: some of them went thru ice ages… we mean of course icy winters, notably those of 1958 and 1985.

It is always possible, and as well we deeply encourage it, to visit our farm and to enjoy a stay; by adopting an olive tree, adopters will be able as well to have a look on their own trees in order to better understand how we work and dedication our staff puts in daily operations.

And of course, you will able to go thru one of major issues of last decades, tractability of food chain.

Adoption can be offered as well, if wished: olive tree has a high valuable meaning of gift having been offered to mankind by Athena in the antique Greece and it always carried a high symbolical value of peace.

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