Organic & DOP

During mid 80s, talks and discussions about organic food were at the beginning but already well settled: it seemed to us logical, at the moment of reactivation, to switch from traditional into organic agriculture.

We’ve never regretted this choice, even if norms and principals are complex and controls from the regulator are frequent and strict.

Today, having chosen to turn organic boosts our sales in UK and Germany, where demand of organic is strong.

BioAgricoop, based in Bologna, provides organic certification; we refer to their website to discover norms and rules to which we are submitted.

Olive oil from Le Balze has, on top of Organic certification, the DOP certification. DOP means “Denominazione di Origine Protetta” (protected origin denomination) and the purpose is to indicate and certify the origin of the product; in our case, we are generally DOP Umbria (the region) and particularly DOP Colli del Trasimeno, one of the five areas of DOP Umbria.

This certification, represented by a red seal on the label, is obtained from authorities after further analyses (other than those for organic) at State Laboratories; if the DOP certification is obtained, then the product is guaranteed by the Italian Ministry for Agriculture.

Again, we refer to DOP Umbria website for further informations.

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