Extra Virgin

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obviously by far the main output of our production.

But being produced in high quantity, doesn’t mean quality is not at highest standard: Olive Oil is indeed a product easy to deteriorate if not handled with care.

This means grinding olives as quick as possible and in any case within 24 hours from picking them from tree to avoid fermentation process and this means not using warm water to make oil more fluid, easier to be separated from everything else.

Not grinding quickly and using warm water will indeed increase the yield per 100 kg of olives but will increase as well acidity of olive oils.

And of course absolutely no use of chemical products which would help to separate oil from everything else but would kill completely quality of oil.

After production, we always keep in mind which the 3 enemies of oil are: heat, air and light.

Storing in a fresh place, in the dark and keeping the container (tank or bottle) well closed is the best way to preserve olive oil in general, and this is as well the best advice we can give you to keep oil at home as well.

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